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You Can Finish Your Basement.

Oh, hello. Do you want to be amazing?
Regular Guy,
Finished His Own Basement

I'm guessing yes. You've decided it's time to build something with your own two hands for once. So why are you here? Let me take a guess, you tell me if I'm right:

  • You're trying to find out how much it will cost to finish your basement
  • You'd like to finish your own basement but don't know where to start?
  • You don't have enough money, hiring someone is way too expensive.
  • You're not very "handy". Hanging pictures is a challenge.
  • You're at work, you got lost on on the internet, and now you're here?

Am I close at least? Hi, my name is Jason. I'm not a professional contractor. I'm just a computer nerd, Dad, husband who got sick of having to hire people to do everything for me. A few years ago I finished my own basement and now I'm writing this blog for people just like us. I hope it's helpful.
- Jason

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what does a basement cost spreadsheet
What does it cost to finish a basement?
My basement ended up around 12k. Let's take a look at how much it will cost to finish your basement...

basement drywall picture
How, exactly, do I finish my basement? What are the phases?
You will probably start with framing, but let's take a look at which order you do things. Ironically, the basement floor is last...

framed basement wall
How do I Frame my Basement? How to build a Wall?
Surely a man such as yourself can build a wall, right? Ok, I couldn't either. Here's how you do it...

To be totally honest, when I started I didn't think I could do it. But one year later I had finished my own basement, saving over $35,000. It looks fantastic and I had a great time doing it."

Bob Waddell
South Riding, VA

Top 5 Questions People Ask on this Blog

#1How much will it cost to finish my basement?

A: The short answer is, less than you think if you're doing it yourself. In this post I cover the major basement finishing steps and what it costs, plus I got super nerdy one weekend and create a killer spreadsheet that let's you estimate your own basement costs. Read More >>>

#2 How do I frame a basement?

A: Alright, now we're getting into the good stuff. Framing is always scares people at first, but it's actually not that bad. If you've got a little patience you'll be able to get professional results at much, much, much lower cost. Is that too much muches? Read More >>>

#3 Do I have to get permits? I'm kinda scared to get them.

A: For real, I was too. I thought you had to be some kind of like super contractor guy to go and get a basement permit. Turns out, it's pretty easy. Yes, you need them! Don't worry, I'll help you. Read More >>>

#4 What should I use to design my basement? How do I do that?

A: I actually really liked the designing part. It takes some time, as any good thing does, but it's fun once you get started. I have software recommendations, videos, etc. Read More >>>

#5 What's better: Drop-ceiling or a drywall for my basement ceiling?

A: I'm suprised at how contentious this debate is, of course the answer is drywall. Or is it? I have a strong opionion on this one... turns out, so does everyone else! Read More >>>

So far this has been the most helpfully organized site I've found. Thanks for saving me from digging through page after page of forum posts. Seriously, I stumbled on this site right when I was convinced my sanity couldn't take it anymore. Faith in humanity restored. ;)"
Jeanne Tanksley
Orange County, CA

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