Finish Your Basement
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  • Easy Starter Projects
  • A space for Kids to be Kids
  • Build an Extra Bathroom
  • Build That Awesome Theater Room
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  • Build a $35,000 basement for $12,000
  • How to Get Permits and Pass Inspections
  • Get Professional, High End Results
  • Specifically Written for Beginners
  • Skip the Mistakes I Made & Save Money
  • Yes, You Can Do the Electrical
Over 20 Step by Step Videos
Even the best books can’t clearly explain everything. What you'll need for those difficult basement finishing concepts are step-by-step videos.
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  • Shot in HIGH-DEFINITION 1080i (watch in full-screen)
  • Basement Design, Tools, Wall Framing, Electrical and more.
  • Hosted on a private Vimeo server (aka - there are no ads)
  • Available Immediately - No Shipping, No Waiting
  • In each video I've brushed my teeth and styled my hair.

Each video was designed with you in mind. I don’t assume you know anything. Do you know how to use a framing gun? Maybe, maybe not. I know I didn’t. Those things scared the crap out of me. So I have a video for that.
concrete gun for basement framing
wall framing installing studs for your basement
Want to watch these videos on your tablet while you're down there in the basement crankin' out some new walls? No problem. They look great on all tablets.

Of course, they work on a laptop or regular ole computer. They even work on a phone - iPhone, Android or Windows. No grandma, they won't play on a flip-phone!
Special Pricing is for a LIMITED TIME: I currently have videos for planning and design, tools, wall-framing and electrical. For the next couple of weeks I'm including them with the book at a reduced price as I'm still finishing up the series. Once you've purchased you're in for life. You'll get any and all future videos for free, the minute they go live.
Awesome BONUS Stuff !
Everybody likes “bonus” stuff, especially me! So when you buy the book and the videos you also get access to these bonus items.
How to Hire a Contractor the Right Way - From a new homeowner who did it the wrong way.
How to Hire a Contractor - the Right Way
At some point you'll need one. Do it right and you save time and money. Do it wrong... believe me, you don't want the hassle or the expense.
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Basement Design Files
These are my personal basement design files. You can see exactly how I designed the framing, electrical, bathroom, furniture layout, etc.

Download the MS Visio version (.vsd)
Download the PDF version (.pdf)
Basement Cost Estimator
Easy to use spreadsheet to estimate your costs. Either finishing it on your own or if you plan to use a contractor.

PLUS: My exact basement costs. I recorded every single thing I bought, borrowed or found. I show you my exact materials and cost per unit.
basement cost estimator

Satisfaction... or Death
100% Money Back Guarantee - Hand Drawn Maroon
Well... maybe not death. But if you buy the book and you're like "hey Jason, that just wasn't for me" then I'll give you your money back.
So... What's in the Book?
6 months of labor, blood, man-sweat and tears. Not real tears, there was something in my eye.
  • 43,628 words
  • 238 pages
  • Over 30 chapters
  • A hundred or so pictures
I took a screen shot of the indexes pages - You can see all of the chapters.

Plus, any future book editions or videos are yours for free. You only have to purchase once - you can download the latest versions whenever you want.
Reader Reviews
With over 60,000 readers a month I'm blessed to get quite of bit of fan-mail. Here's a small sampling.
If you find this book especially helpful with your basement project - please tell me! My Mom wants to know. (and yes... these are real reviews, no they're not all my friends... I always think that too.)

Julia Klimek
This book engaged me, and I read it in two mornings. Your book was fun to read! Your writing was clear and detailed, and funny!

ALSO, most importantly, I love that there are parts of the book that stand on their own, for all kinds of projects. Tiling, hanging doors, building walls, etc. All of these sections are helpful on their own. FOR ALL HOMEOWNERS your book makes me want to get up and start a project!"
James pic testimonial for basement finishing
Ashburn, VA
"Jason - After starting to read your book, I got really inspired to get started so I checked out the basement plan you provided. The level of detail in your plan got me thinking about how I would setup my own basement. I downloaded a copy of Microsoft Visio and using your plan as a template, I already have a solid first draft!"

Ravi Somayajula
Rochester, NY

"I wasn't sure I needed this book because most of our work was done by a contractor. But the design files and design chapters alone were well worth the price. Plus, it was just fun to read. I'd recommend "Finish Your Basement" to anyone about to finish their basement. 5 stars!"
Chris Dryer - St. Louis, MO
Chris Dryer
St. Louis, MO
"Jason's book is packed with amazing advice on how to finish your basement. It's not like your ordinary do it yourself guide. He shares tips and tricks from his own personal experiences and makes the reading very entertaining. I love the pictures and formatting the book contains. They really make the book easy to understand and follow.
Seriously, the book is fantastic, funny and I can't recommend it enough for any homeowner.
Great job Jason!"
Frequently Asked Questions

What sections of this project can I do?

You can do 100% of the framing. About 95% of the electrical (YES!). You can do 100% of the plumbing. You can install the drywall as well but I don't recommend it, find out why in the book!

What about Permits? Are those hard to get?

You can get your own permits and you will pass all of your inspections on your own. Even if you hire a contractor you can save $500 by pulling your own permits!

What about tools? - I don't have any?

In the book I'll cover exactly what you need to buy and why, plus when you need it. You don't have to buy all the tools up front. You don't have to buy the super professional expensive grade either, I'll show you where the value is. With the money you'll save finishing your own basement the cost of tools is minuscule. Plus, you keep them for life!

Do I need 2 or 3 people? My significant other isn't real keen on helping out.

No! With the exception of a few steps you can do 95% of the work completely solo. There are several tips in the book on how to work on your own. Think… clamps,tool-belts and Carty! I explain Carty in the book. I actually preferred to work on my own and found it to be faster.

I've never been good at home improvement, isn't this too big of a project?

Oh man, that was exactly what I thought. The answer is no, It isn't too big. You are smart, you can solve problems. With the right guide to help you through the rough spots you'll be a DIY expert within 6 months.

Do people really do this?

Absolutely!!! 60,000 people per month visit this website and I have countless emails from people telling me that they finished their basement on their own after starting from scratch.

How do I even start? What if I spend a bunch of money and can't do it.

The book starts you off with starter projects (makes sense right). You only buy the tools and materials you need for the first couple of starter projects (and it's not that much). As those wrap up you start to move into the bigger phases of finishing your basement. Only then do you start to buy more tools, lumber, etc. Plus, the starter projects are something you can use right away, even if you put the entire basement project on hold.

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Thanks for taking a few minutes to check out the book and the videos. This is the only guide written and produced specifically for basement finishing.

Every chapter and video was developed to help you achieve one goal- finish your basement.

It's written for amateurs by an amateur but you will get professional results.

I wrote this book and created these videos because after going through almost 20 books by "professionals" I still had a ton of questions and made a lot of costly, time wasting mistakes.

Cheers - Jason

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You'll Love It!
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Save at least $357 Dollars when Buying Tools

I'm going to show which tools and tool features you'll need as a homeowner to finish your basement. Some tools you'll want to buy the absolute best version (the professional premium version). For others you can save a lot of money by going with the home-owner grade.

Do you need to the $210 framing gun or the $80 gun? Some tools you'll really want to pay extra for that laser guiding thing-a-ma-jig. For others, it's a total waste of money for what we're doing.

Save $641 during the Electrical Phase

Whether you do it yourself or go with a contractor I'm going to show you how to save over $600 during your electrical phase. If you and I both walk into Home Depot to buy all the electrical supplies for our basement, I'm walking out about $600 richer than you. AND WE HAVE THE EXACT SAME STUFF!

These are just two examples. I have bunch of tips from other homeowner's who just finished my course and figured out even more ways to save money. You benefit from them, then you help the next group, and the circle of life continues. Hakuna Matata.

Like doors for example. This guy James paid 1/2 the price I paid for doors. Again, we both went to the same place and bought the same damn doors! How did he do it? DON’T PAY FULL PRICE!

These tips alone are worth over a $1,000 if you take them at face value. But you're here, you've done the Google searching, you've found this course - your getting them all for much, much, less.
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